Good Mouse Manners

Soc liked his mouse friends. So he would bring them inside to play. This time he brought his new friend back home to introduce his homeowner,  Doris Plum.  Isn't that the right thing to do? It’s just good mouse manners, no less. The only problem was this slightly grumpy house human who would sometimes do a very fast dance all over the floor. Unexpectedly. Soc (and Mouse) was startled when  she jumped on a chair and hopped around on it screaming "Get it! Get it!" instead of politely saying "How do you do?" Soc wondered what was the matter with his human. Jumping on a chair was not safe for humans, she should know that. He would have to teach her how to welcome his new friend So he carefully picked up his cute friend and put it    in her shoe - Mother Hubbard who lived in a shoe, surely she remembered that story? Doris didn't remember. She stayed on the very creaky chair… too quiet and giving them one big eye. So Soc carried it around a bit and then put it   i

Turn the Page!

Doris Plum had run out of bread, so she told Socrates, her clever cat, she needed to bake. What would it be?  Bread, rolls, doughnuts, even pumpkin pie or cookies? Soc knew things didn ’ t always go to plan, so he would be her self-appointed assistant. He knew everything about baking. First, Doris Plum gathered together everything she would need: flour, salt, honey, yeast, water, a measuring cup, a wooden spoon, a bowl for mixing. She followed the recipe. She measured and mixed. She kneaded the dough. She placed it in a warm spot to rise. She made herself a cup of tea. Kneading was hard work. Doris took one sip, wait a minute, something wasn ’ t right …  bread dough should rise !  The dough needed to prove, it always doubled in size! She was puzzled and perplexed and properly stumped. ‘ Meow , ’  Soc said to help her. He told her to look on the next page, but she didn't hear a thing.  Doris shook her head, clicked her tongue, checked the recipe book,